Become an 8 Star Professional with HERA…

The Rational…

Eight years after the introduction of the six-star NatHERS minimum requirement for new housing in Australia, survey results show the market is delivering four out of five houses that just meet this requirement. With only 1.5% designed to 7.5 stars or beyond, regulation rather than the economically optimal energy rating is clearly driving the energy performance of Australian homes.

The performance for 187,320 house ratings show almost 82% just met the minimum standard (6.0-6.4 star). Another 16% performed just above the minimum standard (6.5-6.9 star). Higher energy efficiency or even environmental sustainability in housing provides not only significant benefits to the individual but also to society, and these improvements can be delivered for little additional cost.

There is a body of research in Australia which finds that if we are to achieve a low energy or low carbon housing sector by 2050 (in line with global greenhouse gas emission reduction targets), we should be delivering housing performance currently around 7 to 8 star. If mandatory energy ratings aren’t increased, Australia will fall further behind international best practice. This six-star minimum falls short of what is optimal in terms of environmental, economic and social outcomes. It’s also below the minimum set by many other countries.

The Benifits…

It is the rational that prompted the team at HERA to introduce the 8 Star Professional Group.

8 STAR Professionals are a group of HERA members that have honed their energy rating skills and professional development ensuring they can offer professional advice not only on achieving the mandatory Star requirements but also offering direction on achieving optimal performance outcomes.

Many assessors have fallen into the rut of “if it reaches 6 Stars its good enough” which is evident by the results of CSIROs study over the past 3 years. It is HERAs aim to encourage accredited assessors to become proactive in raising the bar in line with the minimum standards set by many other countries.

Studies show that sustainability and good design can improve affordability when fuller cost-benefit analyses are undertaken, it is therefore HERAs coal to promote the services of the 8 Star Professional group so they can deliver recommendations of optimal performance outcomes which in turn will drive affordability beyond that of the mandatory standard 6 stars.

The Professionals…

HERA 8 Star professionals are accredited under the HERA 8 star program, these professionals have been recognised by HERA as holding the expert skills necessary to promote their service of driving energy efficiency standards higher at affordable costs.

To become accredited as a HERA 8 Star Professional, members are required to undergo extensive assessment and data scrutiny ensuring they have the appropriate skills, experience and dedication to be granted HERA 8 Star professional accreditation status.

Once granted  status, members will be enjoy the benefit of promoting their service as a HERA 8 Star Professional as well as being granted priority within the HERA Referral Service

The HERA 8 Star Professional programme offers benefits that extent beyond standard membership. You must be a HERA Premium member to be granted status as an 8 Star Professional. Eligibility  is subject to the HERA 8 Star program Terms and Conditions. Assessment fees may apply.

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