Need expert advice?

HERA offers specialised consulting services, and we’re here to help!

How can we help?

HERA is one of Australia’s leading NatHERS assessor accrediting organisation (AAO) providing consulting and advisory services.

HERAs national client base represents accredited Thermal Performance Assessors across Australia and includes professional assessors, industry experts, administrators, trainers, teachers, and other NatHERS professionals.


Need help with NatHERS compliance?

Let a HERA Specialist consultant help you through the NatHERS landscape.

Whether you are looking for a formal review of your assessment or an informal Q&A session, we can provide support. Our NatHERS specialist consultants can provide services in key areas of compliance, development and review processes and any other relevant areas of your business.  They can work remotely depending on what you require and for how long!

Email us for further information about our Compliance advisory service.


Need advice on specific technical issues?

Are you struggling with a specific technical issue? Do you need help interpreting a specific clause in the NatHERS tech notes? Are you wanting an independent and objective set of eyes to assist you with a technical issue?

Let our experienced and highly skilled consultants assist you to ensure that your modelling meets all the rules and regulations of the NCC, and NatHERS.

Email us for further information about our Technical advisory service.


Need Professional Development that suits you?

Are you looking for professional development that suits your own particular organisation and needs?  Do you need help with developing your staff and coaching them to deliver the skills and knowledge you require?  Do you want to put your faith in industry experts?

The team at HERA prides itself on serving client needs! Our Tailored PD service offers flexible professional development solutions that suit your organisation and address the training needs of Thermal Performance Assessors.

Email us for further information about our Professional Development advisory service.


Need an affordable digital marketing solution that suits you?

In today’s age of digital communications, the most cost-efficient form of promotion is to ensure your small business has a professionally designed website. But not just any website. To stand-out in today’s competitive market place, you’ll need a visually appealing, modern and responsive website that drives business to you.

Email us for further information about our Marketing Solutions service.

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