Home Sustainability Assessments

Home Sustainability Assessments

A home sustainability assessor conducts an audit of a home providing advice on the ways to optimise its efficiency.

In detail…

It is complex to properly assess the energy performance of an existing house. Assessors need training and experience to recognise, rate and record the energy efficiency features of a house, and to thoroughly understand what customers will expect from them.

The qualification required for accreditation as a Home Sustainability Assessor is CPP4119 Certificate IV in Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability.

Quality principles of a Home Sustainability Assessor include:

  1. Excellent customer experience: Assessors will demonstrate strong customer relationship and engagement approach and skills to deliver a positive experience for the consumer.
  2. Robust assessment approach: Assessors will have a strong ability to identify home energy efficiency features in the field.  Accurate data entry skills are necessary to ensure assessments accurately reflect home performance.
  3. Consumer-focused energy efficiency upgrades advice: Assessors will have the skills to assess and present appropriate upgrades options whilst considering the needs of the household.
  4. Knowledge of safety and wellbeing: Assessors will have the skills to protect themselves and others while working.
  5. Robust administrative process: Assessors are given training and other support services, and must comply with administrative requirements, including audits.
  6. Consultation and continuous improvement: Assessors are invited to provide feedback to continuously improve the scheme.

Home Sustainability Assessment is also suitable for Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessors

HERA can assist potential assessors gain the required skills and knowledge needed to become to carry out assessments.

You will find details of the course CPP41119 Certificate IV in Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability at “Education In Building”