Updated BASIX Thermal Comfort Protocol

Expect to see an updated version of the NSW BASIX regulations at the end of November 2020. HERA has been reviewing the draft of the new version & we are very excited by some of the changes. We will be providing members with a comprehensive breakdown on the amendments to the new BASIX thermal Comfort Protocol.

Updated BASIX

One Accreditation / Multiple Assessors

The buck stops with you

Recently we have seen business set ups that involve 1 accredited TPA uploading assessments which were conducted by non-accredited TPA’s. In other words, accredited TPA’s using an “assistant” to do the actual assessment.

In principal, there is nothing wrong with doing this, plenty of trades use TA’s to do the hard work & the tradesman is left to sign off on the completed job.

We are finding Accredited TPA’s are falling short & leaving themselves exposed to possible failed QA’s or worse, litigation under their Professional Indemnity Insurance by not doing the appropriate checks on the work completed by their assistants. If your name and accreditation number appear on the Universal Certificate it is you that is responsible for that assessment, regardless of who conducted the job.


Building Certifiers and Window Manufacturers are advised to be on the lookout for builders purchasing windows and doors that do not meet the requirements of energy efficiency rating reports.

The House Energy Raters Association (HERA) provides this advice for all Building Consent Authorities, Building Practitioners, Building Certifiers & Local Council/Government agencies and Window Manufacturers regarding the practice of Builders purchasing two sets of windows and doors for the same project.

Window Scam Alert

Council Review service

Accuracy of Energy Assessments

HERA provides a service to all Local Council and Government agencies throughout Australia to ensure House Energy Rating Assessments submitted for approval are accurate and demonstrate compliance.

HERA welcomes the Green Home Loans for Energy Efficient Buildings…

The Federal Government’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is investing up to $60 million in a green home loan program launched in partnership with Bank of Australia. The discounted home loans will be available for builders and home buyers that commit to constructing new homes with a minimum 7-star energy rating.

Media release


Verification of Energy Assessments

HERA has advised all Building Certifiers & Local Council/Government agencies throughout Australia of the plagiarism of House Energy Rating certificates. This fraudulent activity can only be identified when they are submitted as part of the documentation required for building & planning approval, therefore we can only rely on the local authorities to assist us in stamping out this practice.

Attached is an alert that details how do identify if an Energy Assessment certificate is compliant. We ask that all councils forward this document to their appropriate people such as Building certifiers in the hope of eliminating these fraudulent documents and ensuring that suitable accredited House Energy Rating assessors are professionally recognised.