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Setting the standards for residential energy efficiency

House Energy Raters Association (HERA) is a not-for-profit Incorporated Association which has been established to meet an industry need for quality Training, Assessment and Professional Development for NatHERS Assessor Accreditation. HERA also works with government and regulatory bodies to formulate policy as well as providing advice to the building industry.

HERA encourages industry high-standards by providing quality service

Much of the work required by an AAO relates to Training & Assessment such as Assessor Accreditation which requires the successful completion of the Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment, Continuing Professional Development required for ongoing accreditation, and Remedial action should an Assessor fail a QA Audit such as Mentoring, Refresher training or retraining.

It has been identified, a skill shortage of accredited assessors exists throughout Australia, therefore HERA has been formed to ensure the required level of technical training and professional development is provided to ensure there are sufficient assessors having the appropriate professional level of skills to undertake NatHERS assessment within the industry.

It is this skills shortage that prompted Paul Kearney & Associates Pty Ltd to coordinate the establishment of the House Energy Raters Association (HERA).

Disclosure Statement

The founder of HERA is Paul Kearney of Paul Kearney & Associates Pty Ltd. Paul is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Education In Building being a Registered Training Organisation RTO 32418.

Paul currently has a consultancy agreement with HERA to provide advisory services on an ongoing basis approved by the NatHERS administrator.

HERA and Education In Building operate from the same location.

The HERA difference

It is the aim of HERA to provide the genuine Member with the very best opportunity to meet and maintain Assessor Accreditation at the lowest available price. The services provided by HERA emphasise the practical application of knowledge and skills. To this end, ample demonstrations and personal assistance will be provided to aid Members in maintaining their own skills and abilities.

HERA will support unqualified and non-accredited assessors to become accredited by advising on pathways to complete the new Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment and  a range of flexible training options to fill in any gaps in competencies identified by this process leading to Accreditation. New entrants will also be able to complete the qualification through similar pathways.

This will see a measurable increase in the number of assessors upskilling to a nationally recognised qualification and accreditation without being cost prohibitive.

In accordance with Clause 4.9 of the NatHERS Protocol, “Requirements for Quality Assurance Reviewers” HERA undertakes a Quality Audit review of 20% of all Assessors it accredits under a process agreed with the NatHERS Administrator.

Whilst HERA abides by Clause 4.9 of the NatHERS protocol the HERA Management Committee have implemented a policy that 100% of all Assessors applying for Accreditation for the first time will undertake a QA review in the first year.

Should an Assessor currently accredited with one of the two existing AAOs formally approach HERA to be accredited, their application will be taken into account to become a member of HERA.

All Accredited Assessors making application to become a member of HERA will undertake a benchmarking review before being granted membership ensuring the quality of members belonging to HERA are of the highest standard.

NatHERS Skilled Practitioners Panel

HERA’S NatHERS Skilled Practitioners panel  is an advisory body made up of experts from relevant industry and provides guidance about association matters, technical detail, policy and standards.

The purpose of the HERA Panel is to:

  • Advise HERA on current and future issues and opportunities
  • Fulfil the requirements of the HERA Strategic Plan that require the panels input
  • Research, addressing current issues.
  • Identifying and prioritising the current and emerging trends affecting the maintenance, development, and improvement of HERA for its members
  • Make recommendations on strengthening the profile of HERA as the preferred NatHERS Assessor Accrediting Organisation for Thermal Performance Assessors

The Panel also provides technical and training advice as needed ensuring HERA members are provided with the most current information available to improve their skills as House Energy Raters.


An Executive Member of HERA currently sits on the following committees’.

  • NatHERS Stakeholder Consultative Group
  • NatHERS Technical Advisory Committee
  • BASIX Thermal Comfort Protocol Working Group
  • Scorecard Program Advisory Group